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Underground Gate Kits

Proteco knows that not all gates are the same. The company's knowledge and experience led to the development of a complete range of reliable motors able to fit subtlety into a wide variety of installations. The customer can safely choose between 10 different versions of rams, or the precise movement of an articulated arm motor or perhaps the elegance of an underground system. Proteco is the only manufacturer, in the home automation market, able to present a complete range of wheel-driven motors for swing gates; an innovative solution that combines brilliant design and technology with high versatility and user friendliness. All Proteco models are available in several versions, to meet different voltage requirements.


Electromechanical underground motor for swing gates

Silent, elegant and unobtrusive it's the perfect automation to enhance the look of antique or valuable gates. Metal and bronze alloy components, water proof system assuring long lasting reliability. Galvanised or stainless steel foundation box with optional mechanical stops in opening and closing. For swing gates with leaf up to 3m, also in 24V version and with oil-bath motor for intensive use.