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GSM Gate Openers

Open Dialler - can be set so any phone which calls the number will open the gate.

Authorised List - Unit set up to only accept calls and open Gates for registered numbers.


Optional Features - Provided for free for the 1st three months.

  • Logging - see last 10 users on gate - sent to you by text.
  • Tagging - send text when a particular number uses the gate.
  • Remote Keypads - Program PIN number on remote Keypad via Gateslave Baby GSM.

Gsm access control allows you to open your gate by a simple phone call on your mobile phone where ever you might be there is no charge for this call for the gsm gate opening device drops the call when it identifies your number calling it it can also hold a list of phone numbers by persons only you wish to open your gate it has many other funtions like holding your gate open for specific times you wish for example expecting a delivery when your not there or expecting visitors etc.