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New Products

Proteco knows that not all gates are the same. The company’s knowledge and experience led to the development of a complete range of reliable motors able to fit subtlety into a wide variety of installations. The customer can safely choose between 10 different versions of rams, or the precise movement of an articulated arm motor or perhaps the elegance of an underground system.



Sliding Gate Automation


 230V systems for residential sliding gates up to 800 kg

The innovative release for manual operation is simple and reliable thanks to the sturdy lever lock protected by a personalized key. The built-in prewired control panel allows adjustment of the deceleration in opening and closing as well as partial opening for the pedestrian use.

TX312 Transmitter


TThe new remote control, especially designed for professional home automation market, combines small size and ergonomics. Easy and screw-free battery replacement, while the electronic card stays covered and protected at any time.  X312 is a 3-channel radio transmitter with frequency 433.92MHz and it is compatible with all Proteco receivers. Each transmitter works on a fix radio code automatically generated and up to 16 millions of random generated codes are possible. Moreover, radio codes on the three channels can be replaced by new random generated ones or can be copied on another TX312 transmitter through an easy procedure. TX312 is now available for sale and it will be soon the standard transmitter in all Proteco kit for the Professional range.